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What to Do When a Loss Occurs.

4 Quick Steps:

 First, take a deep breath and let some of the stress out. Second, make sure the  people involved are ok. Third, know that your insurance company will take care of  you as agreed in your policy. Fourth, make the necessary repairs to prevent further  damage to your property.  Claims are a stressful time. Middleton Insurance Services is here to help you take  some of the stress out. We have listed some steps to take to help make the process  smoother for you.

 Automobile Claims

 What to do if you're in an automobile accident  According to the latest statistics by the National Safety Council, one in eight licensed  drivers is involved in an automobile accident each year. Whether or not you become  one of those unfortunate drivers involved in a collision, the following information can  help you lessen the headaches and expense of an accident. In case of an accident: ·         Don't leave the scene. ·         If vehicles are operable, move them to the shoulder, out of the way of      oncoming traffic ·         Call for medical assistance if there are any injuries. ·         Provide basic first aid, but don't move an injured person unless you possess      medical or lifesaving expertise ·         In many areas, you have to call the police get the officer's name, badge      number, police station address, and phone number. Ask when the accident      report will be filed, its case and report number, and how you can get a copy ·         Take careful note of the date and time of the accident, the street and city,            weather and road conditions, direction and speed you and other drivers were            going, and how the accident occurred. ·         What you need in your glove compartment ·         Always carry your insurance card and vehicle registration ·         Keep a list of emergency numbers in the glove compartment at all times ·         Keep a medical card with you if you have allergies to any medicine or you            have a condition that requires special attention ·         About Rental Cars ·         Check your insurance policy or call your agent to see if you have rental car            reimbursement coverage. ·         Rental car reimbursement will assist with paying for the cost of renting a car            after an accident while your vehicle's in the repair shop. ·         If the accident is not your fault, the other party's insurance company may            provide you with rental car reimbursement.

 Homeowners Claim

 A homeowner’s insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance  company. You should understand the policy before a loss occurs. Review your policy  with your insurance representative so you'll know what's covered.  Filing Your Claim 1.    Report any burglary or theft to police. 2.    Phone your agent or company immediately. (Insurance policies place a time        limit on filing claims.) Ask questions: Am I covered? Does my claim exceed my        deductible? (Your deductible is the amount of loss you agree to pay yourself        when you buy a policy.) How long will it take to process my claim? Will I need        to obtain estimates for repairs to structural damage? 3.    Make temporary repairs and take other steps to protect your property from        further damage. Save receipts for what you spend and submit them to your        insurance company for reimbursement. 4.    Prepare a list of lost or damaged articles. 5.    Save receipts from any additional living expenses you incur if your home is so        severely damaged that you have to find other accommodations while repairs        are being made. Most homeowners insurance policies include a provision for        reimbursement of these expenses. 6.    Get claim forms. Once your insurance company has been notified of your claim,        the company is required to send you the necessary claim forms to you by the        end of a specified time period. (The time period varies from state to state.) Return        the properly filled out forms as soon as possible. 7.    Have an adjuster inspect the damage to your home. Your insurance company        will probably arrange for the adjuster.

 Duties after a loss:

Your policy contains specific duties required after an accident or loss. These duties may include: 1.    Notifying your insurer as soon as practical. 2.    Notifying the police in case of a theft or an auto accident. 3.    Protecting your property from further damage.   As policies vary, please consult with your agent for issues specific to your situation.